(Inspired and reapplied from the Product-Market Fit engine by Rahul Vohra)

Superfans, evangelists and recommenders are the most important part of a business. Take Apple, people don’t just consume their product they obsess and talk and obsess and talk about apple.

Apple’s customers are their salesforce and this is what…

The number one Customer Experience requirement is swift RESPONSE

According to studies I have recently read by PWC, MIT, Hotjar and Intercom there tend to be a few key requirements when it comes to creating an amazing customer experience.

I have spoken to many businesses, mainly Estate Agents on the subject of response, not just clients but also during…

Several weeks ago I attended, for the second time, the Built To Grow course led by Perry Power (Power Bespoke) and Royston Guest (Built to Grow and Pathway Global). A two-day event for Estate Agents empowering you with a personalised blueprint to grow your Estate Agency to the next level…

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